Ray Barber’s Hand Lettered Logo Design 1

Saturday Night Fever Iconic Logo of Paramount Pictures world famous film from 1978.  Conventional Airbrush with Dyes,

Client: Diener Hauser Bates

Album sold 15 million copies in US alone and was the top selling album until 1992, also only Disco album to win a Grammy for Album of the Year


Congratulations, Handlettering ( Self Promotion)

The Dark Crystal, a Jim Henson Movie, 1982 considered a cult classic.
Original lettering of Ray’s used in 2019 movie version The Dark Crystal, Age of Resistance

1. Cognac- Client: Playboy Magazine, 2. Russ & Kim Hand lettering

Cognac Magazine Spread-

Client: Playboy Magazine, Playboy Enterprizes, Inc

RSVP Hand Lettering, Client: RSVP, Design and Illustration Publication,

Richard Lebenson, Kathy Creighton

Pratt Insitute/RSVP Publication

Spaced Out Sounds, Handlettering

A Sea Change, Handlettering, Book Cover

Pan Am First Class & Clipper Class Logotype

Client: Pan American Airlines. Doyle Dane Bernbach

The Lublin Collection, Handlettering

1. Sleeping with the Stars

2. Nedicks, Famous New York Hot Dogs

BOSS, New York Steak House Restaurants

New York Magazine, Feature Article on The New Sex Palaces of New York, Hand Lettering

Cabbage Patch Kids, Packaging Logotypes with sales over 10 million,

Client: Mattel Toys, Inc.

Valentine, Handlettering

“A Wedding” Movie Poster

Client: 20th Century Fox Films

New York Times Poster for 20th Century Fox Films,

Client: Olgilvy and Mather

ABC TV,  United Way Drive,

Conventional Airbrush with Dyes

Movies Handlettered Logotype,

Packo & Barber Self Promotion

Sterilization Handlettered Logotype

Wolfgang Amadeous Mozart Handlettering,

Client: High Fidelity Magazine

ABC TV, Afterschool Specials Logotype

1. 1978 Movie Staring Brooke Shields and Susan Sarandon, Magazine article logotype

Client: Penthouse Magazine

2. Michael Bolotin Logotype    Client: RCA Records

1. Chekhov, Handlettering, Book Jacket

2. Blue Angel, NYC Night Club

1. Going Bananas, 2. Moulin Rouge, Magazine article logotypes

Client: Playboy Magazine
Playboy magazine was a men’s American lifestyle magazine that reached a high point of 7.2 million copies in 1972

Greenleaves, Handlettered Logotype

Renault 5, French Sports Car, Client: Renault S.A.

The Nypho Tapes, Magazine Article Handlettering

Client: Playboy Magazine

1. Tony Packo Handlettering

2. Tony Packo’s Cafe Handlettering

Client: Packo Barber, Self Promotion

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